Richmond, Virginia

Richmond is the capitol city of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The city has a rich, albeit complicated place in American history. Recently, the city has reinvented itself as one of America's trendiest small cities, with a plethora of cafes, boutiques, hotels, bars and museums. 

Richmond has an international airport, with incoming flights from Minneapolis, Chicago, Washington DC, New York, and Charlotte, North Carolina. We recommend flying directly into Richmond. You can also fly in to Charlottesville and rent a car and drive to Richmond (about 1 hour) or even fly into Washington DC, if you want to take some time in the nation's capitol. 

We recommend staying in Richmond for at least two nights - Friday the 3rd and Saturday the 4th. Some may also want to stay the night on Sunday the 5th as drag brunch can pack a wallop. 

Favorite Restaurants

Richmond has some amazing food. 

Couple of our favorites include:


Bar Solita


La Tazza

Favorite Haunts

If you need a little downtime we'd recommend:

- Visiting the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

- Walking along Carrytown

- Getting a drink at the Jefferson Hotel

Favorite Shopping

For those who want to pick up some goodies, check out:

- Shortpump mall

- Carrytown

COVID Protocols

Follow the rules!

We strongly encourage everyone to keep updated on COVID protocols, travel restrictions and requirements, and mask mandates. Please make sure you are vaccinated if you plan to attend the wedding. Most importantly, we want you to feel safe and comfortable - do what you need to do to feel safe and comfortable. If that means wearing a mask, wear a mask; if it means social distancing then social distance. And, if it means not coming, and celebrating with us virtually or at a different time, then please do so. You will get no hard feelings or pushback from us.