Where to stay


We decided not to have an "official" hotel for our wedding, but all of the hotels in this section are within walking distance. There's also a lot of hotels in the area we didn't list, but which are excellent. For those of you interested, Ben and I will be staying at the Quirk Hotel. 

The Graduate

This is a trendy hotel, about .2 miles (4 minutes) from the Quirk. Rooms are great, and start at: $183 USD. 

The Quirk Hotel

This is where Ben and I will be staying. It is located right beside our brunch venue, and has an eclectic style to it. Room rates start from about $190 USD. 

The Hilton Downtown

This is a large conference style hotel, with plenty of rooms and restaurants. It is located about 0.5 miles from the Quirk. Rooms for the weekend start at: $170 USD

The Jefferson

The Jefferson is one of Richmond's premiere hotels. It reminds us of the Hotel Fort Gary in Winnipeg - old, elegant and stately. It's only a 5-minute (0.2 mile) walk from the Quirk Hotel where Ben and Chris are staying. Rooms start at $265 USD.

Air BnB

Richmond has some amazing AirBnBs, so another option is to rent one of these, or go in with some friends to rent something fabulous for the weekend!